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The 2011 Consultation included lively presentations and panel discussions from a wide variety of speakers who collectively offer a truly global perspective on quality in theological education. A number of presenters have agreed to share their outlines and/or slide presentations. Those that are available can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) below the session title.

Monday, July 4 – Welcoming and Reception

  • Session 1: Opening Welcome and Introduction of WOCATI and Participants
  • Session 2: Dinner Reception, Welcome, and Special Film— Presented by Local Planning Committee in South Africa

Tuesday, July 5 – Theme I: “What Constitutes Quality in Theological Education?”

Wednesday, July 6 – Theme II: Standards for Quality Assurance: Resources, Processes, and Outcomes

  • Session 9: Standards for Quality Assurance in Africa Presenter: Rev. John Gichimu
  • Moderator: Dr. Ivan Z. Dimitrov
  • Gichimu – Standards of Quality Assurance in Africa
  • ⤓ Gichimu – Enhancing Quality Training in AIC
  • Session 10: Standards for Quality Assurance in Asia Panelist: Dr. Ravi Tiwari, Moderator: Dr. Ivan Z. Dimitrov
  • ⤓ Bio of Dr. Tiwari – Standard of Quality Assurance in Asia
  • Session 11: Standards for Quality Assurance in Europe Presenter: Dr. Reinhold Bernhardt Moderator: Dr. Namsoon Kang
  • Session 12: Standards for Quality Assurance in North America Presenter: Dr. David Esterline Moderator: Dr. James Massey
  • Bio of Dr. Esterline
  • North American Quality Standards in Theological Education by David Esterline
  • Session 13: Standards for Quality Assurance: Catholic Theological Education Presenter_:_ Dr. Gary Riebe-Estrella Moderator: Dr. James Massey
  • Session 14: Case Study: Theological Education by Extension Presenter: Dr. Kangwa Mabuluki
  • Moderator: Dr. Isabel Phiri
  • [NOTE: Dr. Mabuluki was unable to attend the consultation.]

Thursday, July 7 – Theme III: “Assuring Quality across Contexts”

  • Session 15: Assuring the Quality of Institutional Practice Panelists: Drs. Nico Botha, Simon Dossou, Priscille Djomhoue, Moderator: Dr. James Amanze
  • Session 16: WOCATI Special Forum “The Choice to be Struck: Kairos-Theologies in South Africa and Palestine and their Implications for Theological Education.”
  • Presenter: Dr. Farid Esack Moderator: Dr. Namsoon Kang

Friday, July 8 – Theme: Summary and Wrap-up

  • Session 17: Wrap-up of Consultation-I: Reports from Listeners Moderator: Dr. Namsoon Kang
  • Session 18: Wrap-up of Consultation-II: Remaining Issues and Follow-ups Moderator: Dr. Namsoon Kang

Presentation PowerPoints

Presentation Outline, English PDF Archive

2011 key pages