Academic Scholarly Ecumenical Award

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The Academic Council of AISR has established two kinds of Awards for “scholarly excellence in theological and religious sciences work contributing to the ecumenical understanding and dialogue”:

  • An “Académie Internationale des Sciences Religieuses Mid-career Award”, honoring an exceptionally remarkable scientific monograph.
  • An “Académie Internationale des Sciences Religieuses Early Career Award”, honoring an exceptionally remarkable doctoral dissertation.

The Awards will be given every two years, starting from 2016. Both awards are honorific (with a AISR trophy) and both the call and the results will be announced also on the AISR web site.

The following announcement is issued by the Awards Committee, appointed by the AISR Academic Council and composed of Prof. Emeritus Petros Vassiliadis, Prof. Joseph Famerée and Prof. Christine Axt-Piscalar, representing respectively the Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant traditions.

The Awards Committee, with a term of 4 years (2014-2018) and a possibility of extension for a second term, has elected Prof. Emeritus Petros Vassiliadis as its chairman, and following the recommendation by the AISR Academic Council decided to announce some details, and set the following procedures and criteria:

  • The launching of both the Mid-term and the Early Career Awards shall be executed electronically through the websites of AISR, any possible Global and Regional Academic Theological Associations, as well as other Ecumenical networks.
  • All possible ways of candidacy are welcome: self-submissions, nominations by AISR members, and nominations by the Award committee. The deadline of submission of applications is for the contest is September 1, 2015. Nominations/submissions are to be sent to
  • The Award committee has decided to set the following pre-established criteria for their final decision: scholarly excellence, contribution to theological or religious sciences research, promotion of the wider ecumenical cause, contribution to the inter-Christian or inter-faith dialogue, balance in terms of religious affiliation, fairness in case of eventual conflict interests.

Petros Vassiliadis