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At the 2011 Consultation, participants from around the globe interacted with one another in a wide variety of activities. These included collective reflection sessions, group discussions, and informal gatherings at meals and tea.

2011 WOCATI Consultation Group Photo L-R Back: Ruiz, Gendi, Mutambara, Nadar, Phiri, Ngumi, Bernhardt, Dossou, Botha, Amanze, Polombo, Djomhoue, Esterline, Esack, Kang, Nsengiyumva, Masango, Werner, Kalengyo, Nakah, Allaboe, Wang, Massey, Suh, Pun, Tuidrakulu. Front: Wandera, Matsolo, Dimitrov, Brockman, Oduro, Zhimo, Johnson, Lal, Gichimu, Tiwari.
Special thanks to Dr. Victor Nakah for contributing these photos.

2011 WOCATI - Johannesburg Consultation  

2011 key pages